A desert in Malacca? YES!

Did you know that there is a Desert in Malacca? I didn’t and I was so surprised to find out! Padang Pasir Klebang is not on the list of attractions that tourists will go to during a trip to Malacca and probably that’s why I liked it so much!


Malacca Desert

Now calling it a desert might be a little misleading...but it is close enough to look like one with the dunes, sand and flat surfaces… and the bonus part is that is just 10 minutes from Malacca city. It is a great place to take pictures and to be quiet after the noise of the numerous group of tourists you will encounter in the city centre.

Malacca Desert
Malacca desert

This is not a natural desert. It is part of some land that has been reclaimed, but still interesting to see if you are looking for something slightly different from the usual food tour of Malacca.

Getting there is pretty easy. I used UBER until Klebang beach (10 minutes ride without traffic) .
The map shows the location I got dropped off: 


From the beach  carpark I just followed the straight road that goes towards the sand dunes; this will take about 30-40 minutes by walk. The Map is pointing at where the sand dunes are:


If you have a drone this is a perfect place for some cool shots. I took my DJI spark here to do some video testing (this was only my third flight with the drone)