I will be travelling for 2 weeks through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, discover what I am taking with me

Since I will have some long train journeys on third class trains, as usual, I have decided to pack light and bring only what I really need.

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

On top of the usual clothes and toiletries I am bringing some new items:

1) Foldable day pack: I bought this at H&M and it was very cheap. This will be very useful on the train journeys so I can really have my valuable with me at all time without carrying my main bag. When I don’t need it this bag folds very small so it doesn’t take too much room in my North Face bag.

2) Yoga pants: I am planning to do some yoga when away but also these pants are super comfortable when travelling so I can wear them on long train journeys ( longest will be 40 hours)

north face bag